The ACCORD Consortium comprises seven core partners from 5 EU countries. The project is led by University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy) and supported by Aidvanced Srl (Italy),  University of Barcelona (Spain), Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany), University of Vienna (Austria), Fondazione Mondo Digitale (Italy), and the University of Antwerp (Belgium).

Each partner contributes with its specific know-how and expertise to the realization of particular pillars, which are identified in: Software and Users.

At the heart of the project are three pillars: Development, Feasibility, and Upscaling. Each of the core and associate partners will contribute with its specific know-how to the realisation of particular pillars and will play a fundamental role for the fulfillment of the project objectives.

  • The Development pillar (WP4-5-8-9) comprises the partners that will be responsible for the technological design and implementation. University of Naples “Federico II”, Aidvanced Srl, University of Antwerp.
  • The Feasibility pillar (WP3-6-7) comprises the partners responsible for identifying users’ needs and for the trialling of the integrated ACCORD platform with teachers and teachers in formation, in order to provide quantitative evidence about the feasibility of the aimed upscaling of tools and practices. Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg, University of Barcelona, University of Vienna.
  • The Upscaling pillar (WP3-6-7-10) is transversal to the other pillars and comprises both the partners directly involved in the practice testing, Fondazione Mondo Digitale and the associate partner Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs, which will support the project in the dissemination, exploitation, and mainstreaming of activities.